Moral Dilemma Card Game

Moral Dilemma Card Game
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There are two ways to play Moral Dilemma. The Casual Rules play like most party card games, where the player with the most points wins. The Devil’s Advocate Rules is an odd man out style game, where there is only one true loser.

The player judged to have the loosest morals in the group starts as the “Judged”. The Judged draws a black card and reads it to him/herself. He/she then chooses the answer that he/she thinks is the more “moral” answer to the dilemma on the card. He/she then places his/her Vote Card face down to hide his/her answer from the other players (the “Society”).

Next, the Judged reads the card aloud to the Society. The Society then debates which answer the Judged would have deemed the more “moral” answer. Once everyone agrees that all points have been argued, each player casts a vote using their Vote Card. The Judged then reveals their Vote Card. Players who selected the same answer to the moral dilemma as the Judged score 1 point.

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